Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fairy Tales

We, as a family, saw Cinderella last night and there are PLENTY of people who posted already about the movie - they write thoughtfully and eloquently about all the things (aka everything) Disney did right this time. This movie is beautiful, majestic, fun, sad, romantic. It says kindness, goodness, and love win. Charity has value. Parents and children can have lovely relationships. Strength comes from within, attitude makes all the difference.
It is a fairy tale. But its morals are something we believe in at this house. Its magic, we buy into. Because love and charity are not always easy; life isn't a cake walk. Not everyone is kind. But being good, believing in truth, and being generous with people can overcome and make us resilient. This inner fortitude, a strong internal compass that always points due north is Cinderella's guide. 
This wasn't a religious movie by any means, but for our home it will be. We want our girls to have that Guide, the Holy Spirit, as a close friend whose gentle nudges they can feel throughout their lives. We want them to measure themselves not based on the measuring stick of the world, but on the measuring stick of a Princess of Heaven, God's own daughters. We would be so proud if Cinderella's motto was their own: have courage and be kind. Can you imagine Jesus saying those words? How many times in the Bible did He say, "Be not afraid?" Weren't the Beatitudes a call to charity?
We cannot wait until it comes out on video so we can watch it over and over again and be inspired to love more.

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