Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thinking about a solo flight

Mommy is clearly NOT ready for this...Miriam is prepping for kindergarten. (PLEASE NO!) She begins in August and we've started filling out registration forms and doing all the medical appointments. She had her first round of shots on Friday LIKE A CHAMP. She barely flinched when they poked her and was super tough. By bedtime her legs were so sore she was limping and needed pain reliever to sleep, but this morning she's back to herself.

Five years ago, Sarah was taking pictures of her at the doctor's office - entertained during the wait by emptying and refilling her Mommy's purse.
Now she's BIG - 95th percentile! - and entertained by two younger sisters during the wait.
She's so excited for her "real" school debut and we know she's ready, but can't she be little forever?

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