Thursday, March 5, 2015


Today Daddy got the trash pick up, electricity, and sewer put in our name for the new house. Sorry, no picture of him on the phone.

Today Mommy has a new haircut. She tried to take a selfie of it, but that was a mistake. So Vivian helped. 
Today Miriam picked out her own outfit and is working it.
Today Vivian is obsessed (in the healthiest way) with taking care of her little bear who is always sleeping. Thus we must all be quiet so he doesn't wake up. He even sleeps while he eats.
Today Felicity is telling us when she has to use the toilet. This is fabulous, though sometimes the information comes after the act. But she's doing pretty well trying to potty train completely unprompted. Because there is no way we're putting her in a pair of underwear while we're showing our current home and moving to a new one. Also, if you can climb onto your changing table without breaking a sweat and say, "BABY!", you're probably not a baby anymore.
Today, the house looks like this inside:
Every time Mommy sees it, she wants to act like Gus Gus from Cinderella when he says, "OHHHH. PRETTYPRETTYPRETTYPRETTY! VERY PRETTY!" Still waiting for the replacement pendant to arrive for over the island, paint on the exterior, and a driveway...and some other things that will have to wait for the ground to thaw. But we can move in anytime we want now!

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