Friday, March 9, 2012

52 weeks of Joy: Week 10

This "false spring" weather that we've had around here recently has been pretty joyful! Lots of time to play outdoors, to watch the plants begin to grow, to listen to the first brave birds, to discover worms, to draw with chalk all over the driveway, digging through the sandbox, pulling last year's weeds out of the garden (better late than never)...we're having fun!

Wanna see things growing, too?




Many, many tulips
Other things around here are growing, as well. But we won't bore you with pictures of all of them. Lilacs are budding, hydrangeas are massive already, day lilies are already poking through the mulch. It's amazing...and hopefully no nasty March blizzards surprise us. Because some of these plants surely won't make it. They've just been too brave so early. 

As a side note, can we just say how much easier it is to take a clear picture of a little plant as a opposed to a little kiddo? It's amazing what stillness can do for a photo.

Know what else is growing? Vivian's feet! Finally! Size four!

 No way!

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