Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fabulous Father

Fathers are fabulous. Especially Miriam and Vivian's father. He's playful and cuddly. When he gets home from work, Daddy is always happy to see them and cheerful, even when he's had a stressful day. He's definitely the "Good Cop" in this house. Miriam has already figured out to ask Dad if Mom says, "No." Bonus: he changes diapers. And we have lots of those around here. But he still does some very Funny Father things on occasion. For example, Miriam pranced out into the living room after Daddy changed her diaper. She was wearing a one piece outfit that had snaps in the inner legs. Mom did a double take and said, "Oh my, Miriam, what happened?!?" Somehow Miriam's whole outfit got twisted around her body twice before Daddy buttoned it all back up. Check out these pictures; can you see the twisting? At least each leg got a leg hole, right? Pretty funny.

"Thanks, Dad!"

 Viv didn't know what to think about that fashion statement either.

Nana and the Viv
  Cheers to Fabulous Fathers. We're blessed to have one in our house.

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