Saturday, March 3, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 9

Last night and today, we went to a nearby water park with the girls. It was a great little trip. They loved it and we loved it. In fact, we all loved it so much we did not take one picture. Almost impossible. But we were too busy to take pictures. Too busy running around, splashing, eating Amish Peanut Butter (you will not thank us later for telling you about this when you no longer fit your pants...try it...delicious), slipping down water slides, giggling, floating on our backs, meeting other fun kids, shopping the Amish bulk foods store, chasing the chubbiest and skinniest pairs of legs, dumping buckets of water on each other. These babies loved it. Tim said his favorite part about the trip was that the girls just got to play and we got to say 'YES!' a lot more often than 'no.' It was about them and us spending family time together. Not a whole lot is going to be more joyful for us than that.

So to make up for the lack of pictures, here are a few from last summer when the girls were wet and littler. Hope that satisfies you. :-)

Dripping wet Vivian.

Miriam's about to be very wet!

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