Monday, March 19, 2012

A few curls

We've got a new game! Well, actually these pictures were taken a couple weeks ago when the weather wasn't quite as warm. But it will come in handy during rainy days, too. We have three signs: People, Animals, Food. Throw some plastic play food, people figures, and fake animals into a bucket. Mix. The girls reach in (Miriam with her eyes closed because otherwise she's only picking out her favorite things) and pull out an item. They run around placing the item in the correct area of the room. Vivi isn't totally getting the game yet, but she's having fun!

On to more important news. Does Miriam have her mom's ridiculous hair or what?

Vivian, on the other hand, has CURLS in the back. Mom's pumped and praying Viv gets to keep them. Vivian may never get a haircut. Here's a picture. It's not the best, but she's not one for posing or sitting still.

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