Sunday, May 27, 2012

52 Weeks of Joy: Week 21

Yesterday we witnessed the ordination of our dear friend Fr. Ben. (Father Ben!?!?! Still sounds funny.) It was an amazing day and we can only imagine how proud his family must be. That Fr. Ben has come a long way. And we're joyful. 

Fr. Ben looked pretty joyful opening this gift! A stoll Aunt Annette purchased for him during her trip to Rome earlier this month. She was able to have it blessed by the pope. Good work, Aunt Annette.

It was an extra hot day so our girls were more obsessed than normal with ice. At one point they came across a particularly huge chunk of ice that some gracious soul released into the wild for the children during the reception. Miriam had to show her bit of the iceburg off to the consecrated. They were impressed - probably wanted her to drop it down their backs. They had to be boiling in those long garments!

We also managed a family picture. As promised, here are the girls Easter dresses that Mommy made. See the dirt on Miriam's hem? She tried to escape into the field in the background. But we caught her. Good try, Gingerbread Girl.

 And a favorite picture, Fr. Ben offers a first blessing to a sister and sisters-to-be.

Our girls received a first blessing from Fr. Ben, too.

Fr. Ben is Vivian's godfather. We got a picture of them together about a year ago when he was ordained a deacon.

My, how they both have grown.

What a beautiful day.

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