Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magic Shakie Shape Bag

Last week was rainy and cold. Makes for antsy afternoons...so we made up a new game! It's basically Shape Bingo. But there's a bonus: the Magic Shakie Shape Bag.

Fancy, huh?

The shapes go in the bag. We used rectangles, triangles, squares, and circles.

Each girl got her own "board".

And let the shaking begin!

 After shaking the bag, we chose a shape.

 Then glued the shape onto our "board". Gluing may have been Miriam's favorite part of the game.

This all got a touch boring for Vivian, so she began peeling the shapes off, rearranging them, eating them...thank goodness Elmer's safe (enough) for ingestion.

Another bonus: the girls discovered that chalk can write on black paper. Extra entertainment!!

It was a hit...and helped Miriam with her shapes! We'll be playing again. Maybe rainy afternoons aren't so horrible.

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