Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our vacation

A few weeks back we drove (and drove and drove) south. First, a stop in Memphis. Where we saw Mommy's college friend Alexis and her family. Where we were greeted with hot coals and superb cuts of grilled meat. Where we spent hours playing with the hose in their backyard and watering every inch of lawn and landscaping.

We got a few pictures of the Mommies and the girls. You all met baby Avery here. She is just such a good little sweetheart...or Jellybean, as her Mamma calls her.

 In Memphis, we visited the Children's Museum when a thunderstorm changed our minds about going to the zoo. It was fabulous, plenty for even the littlest ones (like ours) to get into!

We also got to check out an old cabin and watch a train go by UP CLOSE. Miriam is pretty interested in trains right now, so this probably crossed something off her bucket list.

Then we made the drive to Huntsville to visit our friends Paula and Josh. Tim and Paula led youth ministry together a few years back. And Sarah and Paula have been able to bond over their mutual love for Hanson. (We were in 8th grade when Hanson appeared on the scene...the love just never died.)

We went to a children's science museum, a mountain lookout, some fabulous restaurants, and the "compound" where they put on Space Camp and have several space museums (Tim especially loved this!).
Paula also showed us a downtown park where the girls could "feed some animals." More like flocks and flocks of pigeons, ducks, and geese. Not to mention schools and schools of humongous fish. The girls loved it.

Someone spotted the paparazzi.

See the huge fish on the right? Kinda looks like a baby crocodile, no?
And then we ate some more tasty food (avocado olive oil gelato!) before driving back home. Thanks to our hosts. We loved our time in your beautiful cities.

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