Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We made our second trip to the zoo since it opened less than two weeks ago. We really enjoy the zoo. And not just because it makes the girls nap well.

Aunt Annette is finally home from Ottawa and Rome for her summer vacation. Aunt Nichole had the day off of school. So we kidnapped them and held them hostage all morning. The rain and storms held off, couldn't have been better.

Let the photo bomb begin. However, it turns out we didn't take any pictures of an animals, you know, the reason we go to the zoo.

As everyone knows, you must paint your toes before visiting the zoo. So we did.

Miriam's freshly painted nails.
Aunt Annette paints Vivian's toes
 After that little detail was taken care of, we packed up our post-zoo picnic and were on our way. As you can see, Aunt Annette and Vivi were so excited when we got there!

An aunt for each little girl

Two sisters smile, two sisters talk
 The drums were a hit! The girls could have stayed there pounding away for an hour...

...even these girls had to be pulled away.

Can't wait to go back!! Think we can kidnap the aunts again?

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