Friday, May 18, 2012

It's been a rough morning

Vivian tried to potty train Puppy this week. He got dirty and gross from that experience and needed to be washed. Unfortunately, Viv ran up just as Mommy was putting him in the washing machine. This didn't go over well at all.

She cried for 20 minutes. Begging us to take him out.

Her agony was unbearable. We tried Bear. No. We tried making it sound like a fun bubble bath. No. Daddy gave hugs and cuddles. No. Even Miriam tried comforting her, "It's alright, Sister." No. We tried reading books next to the washing machine. This was at least mildly distracting.

Don't worry, we did try to make her feel better before taking these pictures. But really, we could resist. She's going to love this story someday.

Now puppy is on the deck drying. She checks on him frequently. They should be reunited before the end of the day.

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