Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Life

It's been QUITE the weekend! People are beginning new lives around here! The highlights: Uncle John graduated and Felicity was baptized! We took many, many pictures. And you may be subjected to more of them later, but for now, just these. First, the graduation ceremony.

Uncle John: Receiving his diploma
Hats off, Class of 2013!
See the big medal around his neck? He received that award based on recommendation of his high school teachers. Pretty awesome kid. 
The post-ceremony cigar
Our family with Uncle John
Uncle John and his godfather, Uncle Drew
 Then we were on to the baptism! Fr. Derrick warmed up the crowd.

We all crowded around the church's new baptismal font.

Felicity was well behaved for the most part. Her sisters cried through their entire baptisms, so a little crying at the end seemed like perfect behavior.

Uncle Michael kept the sisters under control. 

And Felicity really enjoyed Fr. Derrick pouring water over her head!

Her godmother, Aunt Bridget, dried her little head.

And her godfather, Uncle John, got to light her baptismal candle.

And Aunt Michelle got to meet Felicity!

God has been very good to us this weekend.

Check out the chins on that baby!

And we're counting on more good things for our families in the future.

Felicity with her godparents

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