Sunday, May 12, 2013


We're getting back into the swing of the new normal around here. Which looks a lot like the old normal with plenty of breaks to feed the baby and clean up messes made while Mom was feeding the baby. And very little leaving the house. Because that's suddenly a bit more complicated with three children and only one adult (during the day).

Last week we had a theme week: circles. Very basic. So basic, we didn't bother to take pictures and after a couple days both girls were ready to move on...

This week was bird week. Inspired by the red-breasted robins who love our backyard. "Rita the Robin" is frequently spied sitting on our fence or pecking around the still barren garden. 

We made a few bird crafts and used up lots of glue this week. (You're welcome, Elmers.) And we made two kinds of bird feeders. One with cereal and another with bird seed.

 The bird seed feeders were such a mess we didn't attempt to take pictures.

We will share that Vivian tried to eat the bird seed. Decided it was disgusting. And then tested to see if it belonged in her nose. It didn't.

And the little beauty above? Oh, that's supposed to be a model of a nest made out of glue and yarn. Surprisingly, neither Miriam nor Vivian were interested in covering their fingers in glue. When they did have glue on their hands, it was nearly impossible to pick up just one piece of yarn to add to the nests. Nope. Not the success story we thought it would be.

 However, they both LOVED painting with feathers!

So we spent an hour doing that instead.

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