Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visitors, Cupcakes, and Tea Time

School is winding down, summer is winding up. And there always seems to be lots of family in town during the summer months. We got to spend some time with Tim's Aunt Sue this past week and she got to meet Felicity!

Speaking of Felicity...

...yes, you're right, she is the cutest kid in the universe!

And as we said goodbye (literally) to Aunt Sue, Sarah's sister Annette and her fiance Tom arrived.

They were immediately roped into playing the cupcake game.

It is an awesome and well-loved game. If you have a little person in your life who likes Disney princesses or cupcakes, they will LOVE this game. And it's educational, if you play it right. Which we don't seem to do often because Miriam likes to make her "own creations".

Annette and Tom spent the night. In the morning, Aunt Annette helped to arrange a tea party for breakfast.

It was beyond fancy. And they enjoyed every second of it. Tim is very surrounded by girls.

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