Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pinned and One Month

Last week, Sarah's sister Nichole was "pinned". She is graduating from college with a degree to teach math. At her school, there is a ceremony pinning students into the profession of teaching. Nichole asked Sarah to be the one to pin her. As we prepared to attend the event, Miriam asked over and over if this would hurt. Can you imagine her anxiety for Aunt Nichole? Poor Aunt Nichole was about to be stuck with a pin and we were going to watch. Yikes!

Luckily for everyone (especially Aunt Nichole), Mommy just put a pin on her clothing. Whew! 

Way to go, Nichole! We know you'll be a great teacher!

And guess who is one month old?!?!? ALREADY! That went so fast.

With each of the girls, we took their pictures every month on the changing table to watch them grow. Here is Felicity at One Month. She was not into the photo shoot at all. Maybe next month will go over a little better.

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