Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There's a Baby Here

We have a baby in the house. They can keep you busy and tired...which explains why we are not so great about getting new pictures up here. She's a pretty easy baby (to date). She put herself on a napping schedule from pretty much day one, doesn't cry too much (except when her mom accidentally eats cabbage), already sleeps up to 6 hours straight at night, tolerates her sisters...she just doesn't like going to bed at night. We're working on that. Very slowly. She's only three weeks old so we'll give her a break. That's hard for Mom and Dad. We get work done and relax with each other after the girls go to bed. Felicity wants in on that time, too. Some undivided attention from her parents probably sounds fabulous and she's figured out the best time to get it.

But on to other news...We celebrated Aunt Maria's birthday here a week and a half ago. She had to wear our silly birthday hat. But got to hold the baby. Fair trade.

And wouldn't it be lovely to have beautiful blue eyes like these?

Felicity also met her Great-grandma (Sarah's paternal grandmother). She has one more Great-grandma and a Great-great-grandma to meet.

This Great-grandma had six children and 19 grandchildren.

 So she's pretty comfortable with babies.

Felicity is growing and filling out (arm rolls and a double chin)!

Gets plenty of attention from her sisters.

Is even starting to learn to smile (which we could prove if her hand would move).

Three girls. We're still kind of in shock.

 They grow so very,



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