Thursday, August 1, 2013


We took a trip to the zoo this week. Our second time this year. It's one of the girls favorite places and their parents love it, too. Although, Felicity seemed to be a little shocked by the whole thing. :-)

It was a big party for all the zoo members which meant the zoo was insanely busy! But with the free rides, meal, and bounce houses, we didn't mind. Plus the weather was pretty cool so many of the animals were active. Except these lemurs who didn't appreciate the 70 degrees and tried to roll together in a big ball of body heat.

This orangutan was so pretty and the girls loved watching her because she had somehow thrown a sheet over her head. Looked like she was pretending to be the Virgin Mary.

Aunt Maria came with us this time. (Sorry, Maria, next time we'll get a picture with your eyes open.) We always like having her around.

Mommy's favorite picture of the day:

Felicity passed out on her Daddy. Ah. Too sweet. Hope you're making some fun summer memories!

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