Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 7: Rest

We made it. Blogged for 7 days about nothing in particular. There can be no mystery left to our lives. Time for some rest? Doubtful. We'll probably think of something to say next week. Because Felicity is turning 11 months old on Thursday and you'll need to know what she's been up to this past month. Plus Lent is starting and we'll need to complain share about our penance. 

To wrap it up: Yesterday Daddy spent THE WHOLE DAY with his girls! And Mommy got to craft peacefully. Glorious. Daddy really enjoyed his time. Even did a little project with the girls AND tidied up the tupperware cupboard. What a man!
 Mommy got Vivian's Easter dress done and is half way through Felicity's! So much progress.
Perhaps they will all have something to wear for the holiday!

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