Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Weather (as promised)

We've had maybe three days above 50 degrees in the last two weeks. And several others above 40. Pretty much fabulous. We're back outside and Spring will come, despite Miriam's dire predictions that it will stay winter FOOOORRRREVEEEEEEER. (The cabin fever gets a bit extreme. She gets it from her Mama.)
Pretty in paisley. (That's a thing, right?)
Felicity probably doesn't actually remember weather before the multiple polar vortexes that tried to eat our portion of the country. So these days out have been especially meaningful for her. 
 Attempting to walk out in the elements... big girl shoes...
...navigating the harsh terrain...
...not always successfully.
But she seems pleased not to end up with a face full of snow when she crashes.
And she's got sisters to keep up with.
Keeps her plenty distracted from the dangers of roaming freely in the wild.
She did notice the grass last week and literally stared at it in wonder for a moment before trying to eat it.
When she's not curating grass, Felicity is the Queen of the Chalk Box. Don't even think about touching her treasures.
The thawing means water, water every where.
And puddles perfect for splashing - best time to be a kid.

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