Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 6: 5 Years

What a difference five years can make. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary last Friday. By playing the train game with friends. Don't worry we had more "romantic" plans for a future date. But we'll get to that.

Five years ago today we were doing something like this:
 Looking at this:
 Hanging out with these guys or...
...these guys.
We'd happily do it again. But five years and three kids later we have some entirely differently priorities. While the honeymoon pictures take us back and make us want those days laying on the beach sleeping and drinking celebrate our anniversary this year we went to the Home and Garden Show. Because we're building a house and we still have no idea what we're getting into!
We fell in deep like with this front door! *SQUEAL!*

Then we had a relaxing, peaceful dinner for two at our favorite Chinese restaurant (how great does that sound!?!?!). Hurried home to help Nana get the girls all to bed. But it was nice to get to kiss them goodnight. If you would have said this is how we'd celebrate 5 years, we probably would have smiled and nodded to your face, then laughed later about how you don't know us at all! Maybe we just didn't know us.

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