Friday, March 21, 2014

Speaking of...

Mommy and Daddy have been in mourning since the end of The Office. We loved it. And then it was over. Since then we've been searching for a new show to make us laugh. And finally something has emerged. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Funny cop show. If The Office ever made you laugh then enjoy. If not, they ignore this tip.

Speaking of cops...

Amazing Race
Mommy and Daddy did a DeKalb County version of the Amazing Race when a friend turned 31 last weekend. It was so much fun! We had to RUN all around downtown Auburn, fold a dollar bill into an elephant, buy donuts and take them to the police station, twirl at the park, play Wii, do a puzzle, eat the hottest wing at Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. It was so well thought out from each team being assigned a color to each clue having something to do with the birthday boy...his wife did an amazing job and we can't wait to do it again! Pictures below for proof:

Speaking of fun...

Sarah's sister, Bridget, got engaged this week! Her boyfriend is a super nice guy who is in the process of converting this Easter. We cannot express how excited we are about ALL of that!! (Sorry, don't seem to have an updated picture of the lovebirds, but you can spot them here.)

Speaking of Sarah's siblings...

Uncle John
He turned 19 this week. Insane. 

Speaking of getting older...

Carseat Upgrade
Miriam moved up to a big girl booster seat. She is very, very excited about this. Everywhere we go, she lets it be known that she only has ONE buckle now. All the people at the grocery know, our friendly librarians know, everyone in Chick-fil-a, the employee in the children's department at Barnes and Noble, the post mistresses (pretty sure that's her official name) at the Post Office, any of the neighbors, family members, and fellow parishoners she's seen since Sunday have certainly been informed. And the fact that she can unbuckle herself and get out of the car without assistance is so very nice. It seems like that would be a nothing on the radar, but it somehow makes a huge difference.

Speaking of...

The Post Office
Uncle Michael sent a package from Bahrain last week. Inside were two little dresses for two spoiled little girls. 

Speaking of...

Uncle Michael
He bought a lake house and we got to check it out this week. It's a "project", if you will. So when he gets back for good next winter he's got himself a new hobby/Extreme Home Makeover. Everything in the home at closing is his to keep including these treasures:
LOTS of toys!
A singing fish
VHS tapes
And SOOOOO much more! It's gonna be great! That's it. No more talking. Have a gooooood weekend. And HAPPY SPRING!

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