Wednesday, April 23, 2014

11 months + 12 months + Birthday Girl

Weeeelllll we never quite got up the 11 month update about the little Felicity. So let's get you something to encompass the last 2+ months of our baby/toddler. Get your speed reading ready.
As of today: 
  • walking fast
  • saying Mama (but still only when she whines), Dada, and Up
  • CLIMBING up furniture
  • falling off furniture and down steps way more often than Mom likes
  • loves to sit with a book and "read"
  • wants to be where ever her sisters are
  • adores the outdoors
  • has six teeth and four more ready to break through on top
  • cries when she hears the word NO
  • takes two solid naps each day and sleeps from about 8 PM until 6:30 or 7 AM
  • likes blackberries and strawberries but LOOOOOVES pasta
  • will go to the bathroom in the toilet if we sit her on it
  • bath time is her favorite time of the day
  • bops and dances when she hears music
So there's Felicity in a nutshell. She's sensitive and mostly just wants her Mommy more than anything else. She's still sucking her thumb, especially when she is tired or nervous about something new. 

We've been singing "You are My Sunshine" to her since she was a few days old which gave us our theme for her birthday party. (And by theme...Mommy made outfits and cupcakes...Pinterest would be ashamed.)
Doesn't Miriam look suddenly grown up?? And to keep Vivian busy during the party prep, we had her washing dishes. She had the best time! Win-win.
Back to Felicity being a bit sensitive. When it was time to blow out candles, she did not appreciate the singing and everyone looking at her.
Her sisters blew out her candle, then she refused to eat the cupcake anywhere but on her Mommy's lap.
Gift opening went better. Again with the sisterly help.
She received several books - always a good choice in this house, clothes, and (drumroll PLEASE)
the movie Frozen! Felicity didn't care too much about it, but her sisters thought they died and went to HEAVEN.
From this...
to this...
What a difference a year can make.

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