Friday, April 11, 2014

Dance Along: The Wonder Of You

Doing the wedding song dance along. Which is especially appropriate because two of Sarah's sisters and one of Tim's cousins are planning their weddings. Love is in the air this spring. When we were planning our wedding, that first dance song was so difficult for us to choose. We wanted a nice, little love song that wasn't overplayed. Also, Tim doesn't like country music and Sarah just isn't very musical.
The search was on. And can we just say that now that we're clearly WAY past choosing this song there are so many lovely choices on the radio today! The new John Legend song? Or "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry? Or Sara Bareilles' "I Choose You"? All dreamy.

Speaking of tangents, let's go on another one. LOVE the Bruno Mars song "Marry You". Great for dancing BUT it is NOT a wedding song. And it's sorta funny when people get engaged to that song. Have they listened to the words??
Tangents over; back to our first dance. After some searching, Tim came across "The Wonder of You" by Elvis. Elvis is forever and always a classic, yet this song is a secret, sweet gem. Bonus: it's relatively SHORT. We wanted to keep our first dance to a minimum. Just the two of us swaying on the dance floor with everyone watching is the kind of thing that makes Sarah break out in a cold sweat. It's also a very boring five minutes for all the wedding guests. Short, meaningful, classic. We had a winner.
After the formalities were over, we could get the real party started. In Sarah's family, this means dancing in crazy group circles and square dancing. For hours. Friends and Tim's family weren't afraid of the Wellman Wildness and jumped right in. It was party perfection.

Have any first dance suggestions for the married-couples-to-be?

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