Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Easter Is About Candy"

At least that's what Miriam explained to her parents on Easter morning like they were completely out of touch. (We're probably going to get that attitude for many more years, huh?)
Looks like we have some more teaching to do in our domestic church. (HOWEVER, when our house ends up with ten boxes of Peeps - not to mention the four chocolate bunnies and other assorted sugars - it's not hard to see why Miriam was so sure Easter was created to worship sweets.)

In any case. Do you like Easter? Do you like pictures? Do you like pictures with loads of glare? Great! You've stopped by at just the right moment for an Easter Photo Bomb.

This Easter was completely different for us because we spent Holy Saturday and Easter Morning at Purdue. Sarah's sister, Bridget --->her fiance, Ryan--->he joined the Church at the Easter Vigil and Tim was his sponsor. (Did you follow that? Impressive.) While Ryan and Tim did a final pre-being-Catholic retreat, Mommy took the girls to the local children's museum in Lafayette. Aunt Bridget, Aunt Maria, Uncle John, Grandma, and Grandpa came, too. Party.
As always the girls loved their time running around in a building designed just for their entertainment. AND, as you can see in the pictures above, their older relatives really got into it, too!
Holy Saturday was also Aunt Maria's Sweet Sixteen! She wanted Mexican for lunch...feliz cumpleaƱos, hermana.
After lunch we went to Ryan's parents house for egg decorating, games, a cookout, and of course, more birthday celebrating.
See Joe's nervous/uncomfortable/wild smile below? Three seconds before taking the picture, Mommy said, "Awww! Now this is going to be you guys in the future with your own little baby!"
Finally the Main Event! Easter Vigil!! It really is the most amazing, beautiful liturgy of the whole year. Bonus: we left the girls asleep in the hotel room with a sitter so we could actually pay attention! Those priests realllllly got into the baptisms! Find the joy in your vocation, right?!?! They did.
 Ryan was already baptized, but he received his confirmation
and first communion.
The next morning we got up and took the girls to Mass, ate out with Ryan's family, and went back to their house for an Easter egg hunt with literally 100+ eggs! Then it was off to Carmel to celebrate with Tim's family and have second egg hunt. Miriam and Vivian didn't leave their sweet Lydia's side.
Finally back home into our own beds for a hard night's sleep. In the morning, the girls woke up to more treats from the Easter Bunny and a FINAL egg hunt. WHEW.
Have an Easter Season full of His blessings and peace!

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