Saturday, April 5, 2014

Last Day of Being Zero

Today was Felicity's last day of being zero years old. She spent most of the day with Mommy and her two older sisters. Those sisters made her laugh, like normal. And they made her cry, like normal. She wanted to be held by her mommy a lot. That's also very normal for her. Felicity likes security and comfort, after all she's a thumb sucker. She's easily scared, frequently surprised, and is becoming more cuddly. She's also got a great giggle and six teeth in her mouth.
She napped for over an hour in the morning and then got to play outside for a while after lunch.
Here she is...toting around something she found on one of Daddy's shelves in the garage. Felicity loves to gather things and carry them around. On laundry days, she wanders off with clean underwear and socks fresh from the dryer. Other times we'll find her lugging around a bag of blocks or a library book. Out of doors she wants the sidewalk chalk box nearby at all times. These are her treasures that her baby brain quickly forgets to keep track of; she discards them haphazardly as her day's journey continues and she finds the next priceless item that must go with her.
She is a walking pro. She took her first steps at nine months old and hasn't looked back. Still falling frequently, she's grateful for the padded diaper on her bottom to soften the impact.
Felicity's silly sisters are her endless stream of entertainment. If the TV is on during her waking hours, she completely ignores it. Because compared to their antics, it's boring. She likes to be near them which makes them a little crazy at times. They ask Mommy to keep their favorite toys and drawings out of reach "so Felicity can't eat it."
She took an awesome afternoon nap that was almost two hours long! This child is definitely growing. Going to have to bump her wardrobe up to the 18 month clothes pretty soon.
When Daddy got home this afternoon from helping some friends move to their new home, we got to take a nice family walk. It was about 50 degrees and sunny. Felicity had a pretty great view from her front seat in the double stroller: Daddy and Miriam racing along the path and...
 ...Vivian collecting sticks and leaves and chasing birds.
Fahwiss, as we sometimes call her, was so content to just sit and watch her world around her.
Tomorrow she won't be a baby anymore. But today she is. And we love it.

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