Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Miriam's Fifth Birthday

Miriam is five. Five! Less than a day into being a five-year-old she requested to start school. All in good time.

It was a pretty amazing birthday. She got to go on her birthday date with Daddy, something she truly loves and looks forward to from year to year.
Drinking tea "like a princess"
Mommy made her fancy apple cinnamon oatmeal scones for breakfast. Very good and kind of healthy (for a scone)! Endorsed by Tim who claims to not like scones.
Of course, plenty of playing and fun all day long. She is getting so good at playing on her own for long stretches of time with dolls, play food, or any kind of imaginary play. Miriam loves to color and draw. In fact, we let her choose how we would spend our family time together after bath time. She requested that we make caramel corn and draw pictures of our family together. Deal, Birthday Girl.
Miriam is our little nurturer. She is always thinking of others and caring for Felicity. At the same time, she's very independent. She likes to pick out her own clothes and dress herself every morning, gets ready for bed on her own, plates her own food at meals, works at her own (fast) pace during reading lessons and theme-of-the-week activities when she can. Miriam loves rules, approval, and responsibility. Sometimes this means she acts more like a mommy to her sisters than a peer and Mommy has to step in and stop the bossing. Miriam loves to make new friends and is not afraid to introduce herself to other children at the park or a museum, but is often more shy around adults. She likes to watch Curious George, anything girly, playing outdoors, is very directional-pretty much always knows where we are and how to get to our destination, and is catching on to blending sounds and reading so quickly. Basically, we are in awe of this oldest child God blessed us with and pray that He always stands next to her and guides her to that place where her heart finds the most joy and the world needs her gifts most.

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