Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 Months

As ever, a very bit late with the monthly update. But yesterday we actually showed up earlier than expected for something. So that's got to count for...well, it doesn't exactly balance things out in the grand scheme. Let it be.

Felicity is now 5 months old!!
This was a tough month for her because she got her first cold which led to an ear infection which led to an antibiotic which led to too many dirty diapers which led to Mommy pumping more often than normal and adding probiotics to the milk. Finally we had a healthy, happy baby back! Felicity also became a drooler of droolumental proportions. Which meant a bit of a rash on her face and in her neck rolls. So we're working on that.
It's body part time! She's rolling every which way now and flinging herself in any direction she wants to travel resulting in a few minor bumps. She can get up on all fours and rock back and forth. So crawling is in our not too distant future. Yikes. Someone please remind her that she doesn't actually need to keep up with her sisters! Her hands are in full GRAB MODE. And her sisters' hair are the #1 target. (But that doesn't deter Miriam who wants to hold her alllll the time!) Target #2: her feet. Babies rolling around on their backs holding their feet or trying to get them to their mouths are about the cutest thing. And her tongue...Felicity found it. She's blowing bubbles, wagging it around, and showing it off all the time. Which doesn't help the drool situation at all but is pretty hilarious for the rest of us. The baby in the mirror is a favorite playmate and she loves to catch Daddy's eye and grin at him. At church she's starting to make her presence known and isn't always content to just be held quietly. Songs are for singing and homilies are for talking, right?!?! Right.

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