Thursday, September 12, 2013

Little Picture

There are some days with little, little kids in the house that don't feel like a success. And those days probably happen with Big Kids, too. But we don't really know about that first hand yet. And when we're having that kind of day, we like to look at the little picture and be grateful for the small things that are happening that make us smile a little through the clenched teeth.

*Thank goodness for children who are starting to be able to buckle their own carseat belts. It seemed this day would never come, but there is a light at the end of the it-takes-20-minutes-to-load-and-leave tunnel.

*Thank goodness for Eenie-meanie-minie-mo. It is a true measure of justice in our house and the results are always accepted at correct. It has thwarted many an argument.

*Thank goodness that even if they won't sleep, the big girls will at least lay in a bed for a bit during napresttime.

*Thank goodness that Felicity is a good little eater. She loves to eat and does so frequently. Keeps her growing.
*Thank goodness we live in a safe neighborhood with kind, normal neighbors. The girls love talking to them and they don't mind taking a minute or five to say hello back.
 *Thank goodness for our librarians. They see Mommy coming with three small children and instead of comments about "you have your hands full" or a grimace because we're not the quietest patrons, they SMILE. Every single time. And they know all three of our children by name.
As you can tell, today isn't perfect. And tomorrow might not be either. Actually, let's just go ahead and manage our expectations and say tomorrow won't be perfect. But if we're not looking at the bright side, it'll be too much of this:
Or this:
And not enough of this:
Time for a chocolate break.

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