Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eating Your Words

You know what happens when you write a blog post about naptime and how glorious it is and how grateful you are that your children nap and how peaceful and rejuvenating those moments are? Naturally, your children stop napping and you are very, very grateful that you didn't publish that blog post. Naive, silly, dreaming/gloating you.

That's what's happening in our house. Miriam and Vivian have stopped napping. No napping. They'll go to their room and read kind of quietly for a while. An hour, TOPS. For the sake of honesty, after 30 minutes, it is not quiet in their room. It gets louder and louder until they are set free. Last week it became crystal clear that if we let them nap, they don't fall asleep until 9:30 or 10 at night. After lots of fighting with their parents and yelling at each other to be quiet. Their parents finally saw the writing on the wall. Miriam is almost four - we had a pretty good run of naptimes with that girl.
How did this happen? How did they grow up so quickly? Why were we so blind to the beauty of naptime when Miriam was a baby? (Drama for the sake of drama, today.)

So goodbye hours of peace each day. Goodbye opportunity to pray, sew, clean, launder, read the newspaper, eat, sleep, expand our lungs, etc. It was nice knowing you.

*We're fully aware that publishing this post will push resttime into a blackhole and we'll be missing that, too.

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