Monday, September 9, 2013

Solid State

*Daddy may be the only person who gets the title of this post. Because it has to do with hard drives.

Felicity is trying solids! She's doing preeeeetty well so far and this is one of Mommy's favorite little milestones. Babies tasting "people food" make the best faces at the different flavors and textures. (And Mommy doesn't mind not being the only source of nutrition.)
This time around Mommy's managing to avoid the baby food in a plastic box so far. It's harvest time and there is so much yummy produce in season right now! Making baby food at home couldn't be easier. April babies are the best!
NOW what are we doing???
Her first taste was pears. That went well. She also likes bananas and sweet potatoes. Homemade applesauce caused a pucker face and was rejected. We'll have to try that again later.
She doesn't take much in one sitting yet and every few bites she pops the thumb in her mouth and turns her head away. Needs a little breather. Felicity is grabby and tries to steal the spoon, so we keep an extra one around during feeding time to distract her.
Today Miriam got to give it a try. She could not have been more thrilled to be able to help take care of Felicity. What a good big sister.

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