Monday, September 2, 2013

Goin' to the Chapel

About two weeks ago we threw Aunt Annette, Sarah's sister, a surprise bridal shower. Weeeelllll, let's say a almost surprise shower? A not exactly surprise shower? Was it the fact that people came to town with her from Canada? Was it Sarah's three youngest sisters voluntarily getting out of bed to go to 7:30 AM Mass that morning? Was it the fact that they took fruit with them to Church? Perhaps Miriam or Vivian let something slip? We'll never know...but if there ever was an ill-fated surprise...
Oh well, she still turned the best shade of Annette Red when faced with all her adoring guests... this one.
Uncle John, Grandpa, Daddy, fiancee Tom, Great-Uncle Gary
So after the menfolk were fed and shoo-ed away, we let the partying begin.
Aunt Annette ate brunch with her lovely flower girls, played some games, and got down to business opening gifts.
And then the moment finally came that Miriam and Vivian had been waiting on their whole lives...or at least for two hours. But by their behavior you would have THOUGHT it was their whole lives.
Time to open that really, really big present with all the pretty ribbons. As a side note: ever heard the tale about not breaking any ribbons at your bridal shower? Apparently the number of ribbons broken is equal to the number of children produced during the marriage. Rumor was that Annette broke 48. Yowzers.
 Back to that huge present. It was full of wonderfully entertaining packing materials!
A million group shots later...
Annette with her sisters
Annette with her bridal party and a sleeping Felicity
Annette, her mom, her sisters, and her nieces
Annette and her grandmas
 ...and the beautiful bride-to-be was one milestone closer to her wedding day!

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