Monday, September 30, 2013

Free Fall Fair

It's the week of the county fair here! Ours is a late one - actually takes place after the state fair. Our girls aren't old enough for 4-H yet, so we don't know exactly how that works out. But they are old enough for...RIDES. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. On Monday, Tim's parents dropped off a DOZEN fair donuts in the afternoon. They're kind of world famous and delicious - fried to the perfect shade of goldgoodness and covered in sugar - people wait in line for an hour or more to get them. Ours just showed up right at our door! YUM. They were gone within 24 hours.
Monday we did the rides and Felicity had her first taste of the fair (no, we didn't let her actually eat anything).
Tuesday, Nana came over and stayed with Felicity during her morning nap while Mommy took the two older girls to check out the livestock. The 4-H kids (and their parents) are always very friendly and willing to let everyone pet their animals. It was show time for the mules, donkeys, draft horses (they are sooooo huge!), and pigs so animals were moving everywhere. But we got to see a baby mule. Adorable. Plus FAIR SIZED pumpkins. The little ladies were in awe.
Thursday, back at the fair with our parish priest and Tim's parents for more rides and more food. Our neighbors across the street have a Mexican food truck at Junk Food Alley. "Super nachos, please. With your homemade salsa. And these jalapenos are so good!" Probably made those homemade, too. We'll find out. Maybe they can teach us how to do it! (Because, side story, Mommy tried to can jalapenos two years ago. Daddy did not approve of the flavor. We'll have to have a re-do. Maybe the neighbors can light the way.) The girls also got to check out their "library project" at the fair. Each kid at storytime decorated a car and the librarians, who we love, put together a poster. So fun for them to see their own work!
Saturday night, Mommy and Daddy returned to the fair with a group of friends for Daddy's birthday celebration. Need fair donuts to make it an official birthday!
So that's it for the fair this year. Hopefully. Because our arteries and large intestines are begging for fresh produce.

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