Saturday, October 26, 2013

6 Months

Felicity is 6 months old now. Practically 7...but here's the update. From memory. Really need to write things down...
Between five and six months, Felicity started cutting teeth. If you've read this at all in the last month, you know that she was miserable about it. She must have her Mother's pain tolerance. Poor thing. We still got to see lots of pretty smiles, but also heard more wailing than we'd heard in a long time. Teething also ruined any hope of sleeping through the night. Living on a diet of baby pain reliever and homemade baby food. She was doing the army crawl and scaring her parents who know it won't be long until we get the real mobility. Plus the thumb is still a big hit.
The seven month milestone is certain to be much, much happier. Trust us, we know.

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