Sunday, October 20, 2013


This weekend our big girls had so much fun. (And Felicity has taken a break from teething so her life is pretty golden, too.) We spent lots of time with both of our families. In fact, Saturday morning, Miriam turned to Mommy and said, "Yesterday was the best day, Mommy. I got to see Lydia (Tim's niece), Aunt Maria (Sarah's sister), and Stella (Uncle Michael's massive dog)!!!" This is the tri-fecta of sugar and spice and everything nice for Miriam.
October and November are full full full of birthdays for both sides of the family. Lots of candles and cake. Saturday afternoon, Nana asked Miriam, Vivian, and Lydia to icing a nine piece train cake.
They all worked very hard.
And ate their body weight in icing.
The cake didn't turn out exactly like the box...
...but as their parents we thought it was lovely.
Nobody was sad to eat it either.

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