Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday Boy

This past weekend was Tim's 33rd birthday. We celebrated all weekend with friends, Sarah's family, and Tim's family. Lots of cake, ice cream, fair donuts, and cards with checks. He had a pretty good deal going. The Female Speers in this house are going to share some of our favorite Tim-things in honor of the best Daddy ever.
Sarah: I like that Tim comes home from work everyday relaxed and ready to be with us. Even though most of his days are very busy and very stressful, Tim is always "fresh" when he walks through the door for supper. He gives each of us a kiss hello and asks how he can help immediately. It makes all of us look forward to seeing him.

Miriam: I like to play games on his phone and I like when he pushes me really high on the swings. My favorite thing about Daddy is that he loves me.

Vivian: I like when Daddy plays the pillow game (basically a pillow fight) with me. And I like playing Gem Smasher and the Color Game on his phone. I like to read books with him.

Felicity: I like when Daddy gives me a bath before bedtime and when he smiles just at me.

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