Monday, October 7, 2013

Here we go around again

The last week and a half has been full of family time. Sarah's sister, Bridget, Bridget's bf, Ryan, and Sarah's brother, Michael, have all been home. Michael's doing some deer hunting before her ships overseas for a year. We miss him already!!!
In partial deer hunting makeup.
Lots of playing and eating. And zooing (of course). Not enough sleeping. Or trying to keep Felicity on any kind of a schedule.
P.S. Felicity is STILL teething. Weeks of ugly teething. That darn other bottom tooth looks like it will break through any second. Maybe tomorrow will be the day!!! Pray that it will be.
We've also tried to go on family walks and get the girls to the park. They looooove any opportunity to play at a park and the adults in this house could use the exercise. Win-Win.
Finally got some rain this past week, too. So we'll have to start mowing the grass again. We let the ladies play in the rain pretty often. Our parish priest grew up in India and said that rain doesn't really stop life there like it seems to here. Everyone does their normal thing...just wetter. Good idea. If it's pouring or lightning, we go in. But if we're already planning on being outside, why should water stop us? It's not like it's hurting us. Or we don't have dry clothes to change into. Or they don't actually think it's more fun to play in the rain.
In other news, Miriam is working on her cutting. She thinks its the best. She's also doing "Mommy's Preschool." For lots of reasons, we're not sending her to Preschool. So we've got a big ol' workbook that we do several times a week in addition to our weekly theme activities. The workbook isn't too challenging so far and we're just less than two years from her starting kindergarten. Moral of the story: we're feeling comfortable that she'll be ready!
We've had several theme weeks, too. There was fruit week. One evening we made of HUGE try of fruit up for a little family taste test. Miriam liked everything...even the grapefruit. And Viv found out the her favorite fruit is mango! Gonna have to watch for those to go on sale. 
We also did a five senses week. It worked out nicely...five weekdays + five senses = a really organized week. Above Viv is learning about the sense of taste...lemons are sour and if the picture had been taken one second later you'd be seeing a serious pucker face.
Mommy also found this list of daily "Montessori" activities for the girls do. If there is ever a whine that sounds like a bored little girl, we turn to the list. Hence, them washing windows. They liked it for the record. Another thing to file away for the teenage years. "You enjoy washing windows. See, I even have proof."
Last week was ball week. Favorite activity: We read the book Beach Ball together. Mommy cut circles into wedges and the girls reassembled them like little beach ball puzzles. Then decorated them with stickers. Princess stickers, because that's pretty much how everything is around here. We also had leaf week. But didn't take any pictures of our activities. Hard to believe, we know. But true. And there you have it. Weeks of go-go-go-go-go-little-girls crammed into 10 minutes of reading!

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