Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fighting Fires

It's Fire Awareness Month. Or last week was Fire Safety Week. Or something. In honor of that something, our storytime group went to the Auburn Fire Station. We learned about Stop Drop and Roll (and cover your's what the new cool kids do). THEN we got to check out the fire trucks. Daddy joined us for storytime at the fire station because we were aware of what was coming and Mommy didn't feel entire up to the task of corralling three little people around that much heavy equipment. But the girls were all well behaved and even got to spray the big hose.
Miriam's turn!
Now Viv!
Cutest Firefighter EVER.
Family and the Fire Truck...Viv pinned in place.
Notice that we left with all kinds of loot. Coloring books and hats and stickers. It was a pretty great day. Add firefighters to the list of people we love in this town.

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