Friday, October 18, 2013

The Old Lady and the Land

Mommy turned 30!!! on Tuesday. Big Day. And not just because she's a decade older.
Although, that was pretty special. Daddy surprised Mommy with Mexican food and good friends. And the obligatory sombrero. Cha cha cha.
The bartender sent out a "Mexican Flag". Grenadine, cream of coconut (or something), minty liquor, and...oh yes, Bacardi 151 on top. It was quite the combo.
But let's back up 12 hours. That morning we FINALLY closed on the land south of town. FINALLY. We'd had a signed contract since August.
 In fact, back in August, we met Tim's parents at the land to check out our new digs.
 It's 1.2 acres, partially wooded, on a cul-de-sac. Just what we'd been looking for.
We've measured it all out, explored the woods, poked at bugs. And now it's ours. Just need to put a house on it. Which we hope to do sometime in the second half of next year. Tim looooves designing and redesigning our new home. It will be perfect for us.
Keep you posted as things progress out there. But until then, dream that there's a perfect new home positioned behind these pretty little girls with a big back yard to run and play in. We'll invite you over as soon as it's done. Someone needs to unpack allllllll those boxes.

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