Thursday, February 20, 2014

Aunt Annette's Bachelorette Party

Saturday was Aunt Annette's Bachelorette Party. The girls had their first "real" babysitter...we normally use family members or friends who they are familiar with. But the standbys were all a part of the festivities. But no worries because the babysitter was awesome. She brought stickers, crayons, and coloring books for the older girls. They both loved her and about LOST it when they saw her serving at Mass the next morning. Felicity, however, gave her a really hard time. Cried. And cried. And cried. From the moment we left until her early bedtime. Not comfortable without her Mama's arms. So maybe we can beg the awesome sitter to come back? Hopefully.

Daddy went out with the groom-to-be and other manly men to drink beer and whatever else needs to be done during a future-priest's Bachelor Party. While Mommy and her female family members pampered Annette with lots of homemade-spa-goodness.
Then we were off to a local bar's banquet room for drinks, games, and food with Annette's closest friends and family. We got her a decorated for the festivities. Totes adorbs.
The waiter thought we weren't drinking enough so he sent up a tray of shots. Extra big tip for him.
But he shouldn't have been too worried, because we went out dancing afterwards...with AUNT BRIDGET who just turned 21 a few days earlier.
Yeah, these pictures are pretty horrible, but we weren't standing still! So much to celebrate, so little time.


  1. This is way cooler than my sisters Bachelorette Party...we're going to Painting With A Twist! I think it's going to be fun though!

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