Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 5: 7 Quick Takes (Take 5)

Going to be extra quick.

1. Mommy karaoked this weekend. Apologies to everyone in the bar who heard it.
2. Baby girl tasted Oreo. She's only 10 months old, but whatever. She loved it.
3. Miriam has started posing for pictures and it is cracking us up!

4.This lady just saved us all kinds of time trying to articulate our parenting philosophy. Read, if you care.

5. More gratitude for the week: We're so thankful for a warm home. There have been propane shortages around here. People who can't afford to heat their homes. People who don't have homes. People who work outdoors. It's bitter, it's frigid. But we're warm and cozy and blessed.

6. Drum roll please....Mommy and Daddy are doing a 5K. TOGETHER. Yes, you read that correctly. Daddy is WILLINGLY participating. He didn't lose a bet. He wasn't forced in any way. Mommy didn't sign him up and tell him afterwards. Couch to 5K is happening for both of us! We'll keep you posted on our efforts.

7. This post is heavy on the links and light on the pictures. Let's fix that a bit.
Ahhhh. Much better.

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