Monday, February 24, 2014

Day 1: The Gardens

Been pretty horrible at blogging about our daily fun(iness), so when we saw that there is a 7 posts in 7 days challenge, it seemed like the right thing to do. Should be interesting to see what we're presenting as "blog-worthy" material by Day 7. Getting this show on the road:

Day 1.

Last week we went to the Botanical Gardens with friends, which you already know if you're on Facebook. But the girls had such a fabulous time, we really wanted to get it on the blog, too. You see, at the end of every year, Mommy prints out a blog book. So that even when the Internets die, our girls will be able to remember all the fun times. And all our very important thoughts. This was such a great little trip that it must get into that blog book.

  1. Free parking downtown...they validate for the garage across the street.
  2. SUPER yummy bagel shop right in the building. Play. Eat lunch. Play. Go home and nap. Perfection. And if you don't want to eat at the deli, you can pack a lunch and eat at the tables in the atrium.
  3. It has been so very nasty this winter. So cold. So snowy. So gray. So much time indoors staring at each other. Until we walked into all this lush, colorful, fresh-oxygen-filled space and about lost our minds with glee. No joke, our brain cells probably went into overdrive because we were breathing with live, lovely plants all around us. 
  4. They set up a huge "enchanted garden" for children. Two tree houses/forts, tunnels to crawl through, fake animals to search for in the foliage, a talking tree, coloring, dress up clothes, sandbox, water, music-making experiments, books to read, toys and toys and toys.
  5. The regular exhibits are open, too. Desert, rainforest, etc. which are always nice.
  6. The staff are so sweet and smiley.
  7. Cheap entertainment. It was around $10 for four of us to get in. Two and under is free. Considering how much fun the under two child had, it almost felt like stealing.
  1. Well...nothing comes to mind. There's a gift shop, but the girls know better than to beg because it ain't happening.
  2. Oh yes. They DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. Vivian claimed she was going to live there. Even without her Mommy. (WHAT?!?!?) But even then, no meltdowns, no tears, nothing. So proud.
Babies really loved the water.
Pete and Miriam...friends when she's not mother-henning him.
Felicity was hamming it up for the cellcamera.
Good thing we had a change of clothes for this one - she was SOAKING wet by the time we had lunch.
And she wouldn't stop eating the wood chips! Bleh.
This is probably an obvious statement, but we're going back. If you like tired, happy kids, you should, too.

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