Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day 2: Attitude of Gratitude

Sometimes parenting feels like a lot of work. And probably being a kid feels like a lot of work. And work feels like a lot of work. We can get hung up on what is wrong and how we're suffering. Mommy gets hung up there too often when she's overwhelmed with the needs of these three small people. Some of them are edging more toward helpful rather than helpless. But then it's time to make another lunch and the wailing washes over her hungry brain...until she's about to lose her mind with the negative "I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE" on repeat until everyone is seated and eating and calm again. The resolution this week is to stop the negative thinking and count the good things. For example, the lunch time rush: we have food to eat, these children are healthy, our colorful kid plates are so cute, naptime is almost here, these babies trust us.

Seven days of posting are a wonderful opportunity for us to count and record our blessings. We used to do this weekly - celebrate the little moments of our week that bring us joy. This week, we're each giving our top three.

Felicity - People who change my diapers. Pasta. Touch and feel books.
Vivian - Hide and seek. Hot Chocolate. Cereal.
 Miriam - Vivian. Hearts. Blankets to curl up under during Dinosaur Train.
 Sarah - Healthy children. A supportive, involved husband. The new season of The Voice.
Tim - My three little girls. And their Mommy. Sunny days.

Count your blessings today, too. Our lists could have been much, much longer. They're all around; we just take them for granted. You have your assignment. Scoot.

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