Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 4: F Week

F Week was fantastic. Get it? Ha ha ha. Just a little preschool humor for you. Moving on.

Fish sponge painting went over really well and took Mommy all of five minutes to prep. Cut sponges into fish shapes. Squirt paint out. Tape down a big ol' piece of paper. They covered three monster sized papers in fish and wanted to do more but the trees were begging us to stop.
Flowers...remember the ones Daddy gave us for Valentine's Day? They turned out to be pretty well timed! We recycled some of them into petal collages and we dissected a couple in the name of "science". (Please speak up if a part is labelled wrong! No botanists live in this house.)
But their favorite part of flower day? Mommy handed them a pack of pipe cleaners and simply said, "Make a flower however you want." Felt incredibly lazy but they are still asking for a repeat!

Fairy Tales were, BY FAR, the most fun to plan and do. Even if you're not into "themes" or "regularly scheduled" learning time, maybe attempt these. No pictures of this one: watched a YouTube video of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and acted out the story with blocks and toy animals. Over and over and over. It was a winner. We also read Princess and the Pea and made a little bed for our princesses with Mommy's fabric scraps. Another good little project.
Finally, Mommy gave them different sized pieces of "fancy" scrapbook paper and let them design their own castles. The girls took turns telling stories about their castles, who lived there, what they did. There were gardens, homes with two kitchens, castles filled with "twenty sinks!", towers where you can watch movies, bowling allies in the basements, bedrooms where twenty babies slept together. More over and over and over. Success.
And while we did this, Felicity snuck off with a fruit snacks wrapper she found on the floor. So much is wrong with that.
Family, another easy F. We talked about our family, looked through the scrapbooks Mommy made for our wedding and each of the girls' first years. Kids love to look at pictures of themselves as babies and the girls just poured over each little detail, exclaiming, "Awwww. Look how cute baby Miriam/Vivian/Felicity is!!!"

Then they drew a picture of their family. Which is something they do an hourly basis every single day. Miriam, in particular, is obsessed with her "art" right now.
At three, Vivian's drawings are still primitive, to say the least. But we've got eyes, a mouth, legs, and sometimes arms or eyebrows!

Miriam gets all the facial features and body parts, as well as clothes, hair, and some letters to label her figures. We're impressed! But then, she's our kid and it doesn't take much.
Had to share this last drawing. It's Mommy, Miriam, and Vivian at the zoo feeding the giraffe. The scary alien on the far right is the giraffe. Our favorite detail: she remembered the (purple?) leaves each of us are holding on our hands/arms. So many drawings to save, so little space.

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