Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 3: OF SEVEN?

Well, it's only the third day of this challenge and already we are not quite sure what there is to post. That's the thing...we're kind of...boring. Not so much bored. There's always something, some very immediate need happening. But instead of calling each other to meet up for drinks in ten minutes or going on a weekend trip with friends tomorrow, our lives are very set, in the best possible way. The routine of each day looks the same and deviating from that only confuses the preschool/toddler/baby brains on the premises. Want to hear how that goes? If you insist.

6  Mom is up. Working out. Getting ready for the day because...
6:30 Felicity is up which means Daddy probably is too to give her a bottle while Mom gets a shower.
Good morning, Bright Eyes!
7:10ish Door BUSTS open with a BANG. Vivian is awake. Miriam maybe. Pretty often lately she's yelling, "SHUT THE DOOR. I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!" from her top bunk quarters.
7:30 Miriam is definitely out of bed. All are being fed.
8 Dress 'em. Do their hairs. Try to convince them to make their beds...effective 10% of the time. Tim's heading out.
9 Felicity's morning nap. Leading directly to "Theme Time". It's G Week. Today is Goldilocks. They're going to LOOOOOOVE it! Then some TV time. Should probably send PBS a check so we're not total freeloaders.
This is the new thing she does while watching TV. Huh.

10:30 Fah-wiss (as Vivi calls her) is up.
11:30ish Lunch. During which they desperately circle their Mommy like starving puppies. Why does being hungry make them MORE hyper?
12:30 Get them OUTSIDE if at all possible. (When will this winter END?) More playing indoors.
We only give our kids safe, educational toys.
1:45 Big girls down for nap. And by "down"'ll hear the sounds of Vivian playing in her room for at least half an hour before she passes out. Sometimes she actually falls asleep propped up against her bedroom door thinking about how to escape. And Miriam doesn't nap so much anymore
2 Felicity down for siesta dos.
2:45 Miriam is yelling from the confines of her parents' room where she's been mostly quietly reading and singing to herself. She's ready to be sprung from the Big House.
3 Snack. Just Mommy and Miriam most days. A very nice part of the day.
3:30 Felicity up.
4ish Vivian emerges. Who knows what we do from here until...
Baby smash.
5:30 Mad rush to get dinner on the table before they all are losing their minds like lunch time.
6 Tim is home (HURRAY!!). Supper.
6:45 Bathtime
Very safe toys.

7:45 Felicity to bed.
8:30 Big girls are in bed.
8:31 FREEDOM! (Said in best Dave Ramsey scream.)
10 Sarah is passed out on the couch. Tim is still working upstairs.

On repeat. Over and over. You know the drill.

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