Monday, November 10, 2014

A Weekend in Paradise

Paradise to Mommy can be just about any travel. And while tropical is nice (ok, more than nice), nothing can beat northern Michigan. At least, nothing has yet. It's quiet, peaceful, the friendliness of the people cannot be found anywhere else, and there's a winery around every corner. Also the shopping! And the beautiful Lake Michigan views!

We hadn't been up there for over three years.
A lot has changed in our lives in three years. Vivian was just 8 months old at the time and Miriam was 19 months. Tiny people! Now there are five of us and Miriam is old enough to be the one pushing the swing at the parks.
Same park as the first picture in this post...with much bigger girls!
Felicity explores the vineyards.
We also asked Aunt Nichole to join us for our weekend away. She helped keep the girls in line while Tim was working (work was the reason for the trip) and made the shopping and wineries even more fun. 
Now Sarah just has to talk Tim into retiring up there...she's got a few years to work on him.

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