Monday, November 3, 2014

Finally Four

Vivian is finally FOUR. Today she is finally as old as her older sister...and it's killing Miriam a little. But TODAY, Vivian does not feel like the little sister and she LOVES it.
Vivian is BOTH our party-animal and our home body. She loves to play and jump and have fun as much as possible, as often as possible. But at the same time, when we're away from home, she finds her Mommy and says, "I want us to go home now." She loves to feel safe and cozy on her Daddy's lap as much as she loves to rough house with him. She hates rest time - she has to lay down every day but really only naps a few times a week anymore - because she hates to be alone in her room.
Vivian is, in a word, impulsive. She acts first and thinks later. This may be part of being three, but her parents think it's also just inherent in her personality. It makes her so much fun to be around and so difficult to parent! We know that as she grows, we must learn to appreciate the joy she brings to every single situation rather than worrying about correcting her constant exploration. At the same time, she will learn when is the time to stop and think and when is the time to just go!
She recently caught onto blending sounds together in our phonics lessons and is beginning to read! It's amazing to watch her - she is so proud and loves the affirmation each time she reads and understands words.
The thing we love most about Vivian is her passion for life. She doesn't do anything halfway. When she is in, she is ALL IN. She gives the tightest hugs. She's never met a stranger, will talk to anyone about anything, and loves to love! Her emotions are always on her sleeve. She is always eager to have other people nearby to share her feelings and thoughts with - introvert is not in her dictionary.
We love you, Vivian Therese. Happy Birthday!

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