Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It begins...

*In your mind, read this post with background music. Either something from Frozen or something as ominous as possible. Your choice.*

Apparently, it's winter. Or we moved to Alaska. Or God is offering us some suffering to endure of the salvation of all mankind.

Too dramatic? Oh, sorry.

Well, Daddy is thrilled for snow. No kidding. He LOVES driving his car in snow. So he's happy.

And the girls get to play in it. Except when temps are below 20 degrees (Fahrenheit, for the Canadians) - then Mommy keeps the girls in the house as much as possible. So most of the time they are haaaaaaappy.
But Mommy (cue the monster music...or some whiny violin). She thinks it's pretty when it's coming down; a sparkly white world is lovely. BUT. BUT. BUT. The cold. No. The gray. No. The carting three small people around in the slush. No. The cabin fever. No. The low of 1 degree (Fahrenheit) tomorrow. No.
Must. Stay. Positive.

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