Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween: An Update

So, as you know, Vivian threw up yesterday morning. And within an hour was fine. Never ran a fever. Back to business/play within a couple of hours. No one else got sick or even complained about walking through the puke. Who knows what that was all about?? (Children, you defy explanation at least 65% of the time.) So when trick or treating time rolled around, we went with it.
Most of our time was spent indoors at Mema's new assisted living home. The elderly handing out the candy were AS EAGER as the kids receiving it. And we were out of the wind/cold/rain/snow! We made a few more stops...including a pop in to Aunt B and Uncle E's where we got to hold the adorable Leo again. Our last stop was at Nana and Papa's for supper and the official candy bag dump. Nana made these healthy and cute Halloween appetizers. She loves Pinterest about as much as Mommy!
Hope everyone else had a mountain of candy and a (mostly) healthy Halloween!

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