Thursday, November 20, 2014


We've been waiting for this day for a month...floors and walls are beginning to take shape! We can envision the home as it will be with walls, paint, windows.
There's no framing done on the first floor, but we can still get a sense of the space. Here's the view from the future-kitchen-window:
The girls are already playing in the Play Room.
The basement is coming along really well and we're all very pleased so far!! There are stairs to climb with door ways to walk through and the start of plumbing!
Pretty soon we'll have a real home here - we'll look out our basement window and watch the sunset through the trees any night we want!

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  1. oh yeah for you! I just bet this has you all so excited...sometimes it's still so tricky to have the feel for how as space may be before the walls are up (or so I think) but, how wonderful to have a the floor space laid out visually! Can't wait to see more!